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When Ichigo was small, he lived with his grandmother on a small island surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Due to his parent’s work, he moved away, leaving behind his sickly imouto Minto and close friends. He did not have any plans for his future, but then he was chosen to be part of a student exchange with their sister school. So he returned to the island and reunited with his now grown-up imouto and childhood friends. On this small island where the sakura do not bloom, will the hope and love in their hearts blossom?

Is this D.C.II? The setting is similar, Ichigo has the same powers as Yoshiyuki (ability to make sweets appear in his hand) and Minto and Mikuri are voiced by Kinomi Hijiri (Yume) and Hinaki Ai (Otome). Ichigo even tells Minto a story about an island where the sakura blooms all year round and grants people’s wishes. I’m not sure if it’s due to all the similarities that I’m really interested in this title or not, but the trial was entertaining and it should be a good chara-ge. I love all the charas, especially Minto and Chiyoko! Chiyoko reminds me of Sukima‘s Chiyoko (she’s even called Choko!) or Achikoi‘s Yuuyu, with her energetic personality and laugh-inducing antics. Really love the OP and Hatori Piyoko and Pan’s art. Definitely gonna play this (after the actual D.C.III)!

DCII a few years and dozens of games late I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually better than the trite garbage Circus comes up with, after all they have plenty of material to work with. Not much else to say, it seems Circus passed the DCII ball on to someone else to milk for awhile as they have finally moved on to DCIII.




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